So. Queue’s empty.

Got no intention to refill it, so eh. Guess so ends the legacy of diablosintellect/biguptoronto.

Okay, I’m not completely dead. I’m still active on other blogs, but I mostly use Tumblr for RP use nowadays, though I do have a new art blog up, for those that want to visit it.

For those who want to keep in contact with me via Tumblr:
Gamon - RP blog
Aurum - RP blog
neonmaoh - my gaming blog that i still need to update at some point
letmetellyouaboutronpas - my blog for silly dongun rumba stuff because yeah okay why not
JET SET KOKORO - my BRAND NEW SPANKING ART BLOG because honestly i need a place other than DA to showcase my scrapwork and other artistic shit

and also since me and yokai are working on this thing
MARITSU EVIL ACADEMY - a fanblog for all things disgaea3-related which uses this theme and is the only reason i got on here again yeah

And again, I’m on a plethora of websites (Steam, Youtube, Charahub, and Deviantart, namely) if you want to keep in touch with me there. If you want my skype, shoot me a message on Gamon/Aurum and I’ll get back to you on that.

As toxic as this site is for personal things, it’s really hard to stay away. I still follow a few blogs on my RP accounts, and I still maintain SHU’HALO-PUNK, FYeahDP, and Banjo-Kazooie Universe. Not to mention it’s a good outlet for silly artistictry.

But yeah, I’m not abandoning Tumblr. Just my personal.

Anyhow, hope ye are doing all well.

also you fuckers are never getting diablosIntellect



i hate tumblr so much but all my friends are here


Supplementary Lessons for the Unlucky - Masafumi Takada - Dangan Ronpa OST


Do it again, Chen!





im sorry i just



Fuzzy Wuzzy Bunny by *smugbug


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 (via Charr - Lady Gray by ~tHeGrEteL on deviantART)


Pinkie Pie in the third issue of the My Little Pony comic


摩利支天の娘 | みやもと


rhythm guide - バンデット (bandetto)